How will you ramp back up?

Are you and your organization ready?

Do you have an HR Advisor?

Is this right for YOU?

HR Inner Circle

• The pandemic has unsettled the People Resources for companies large and small.
• Leaders are looking to their HR professionals to establish new best practices, keep up with changing regulations and create stability – are you and your organization ready?
• As stressful as the staffing wind-downs are, how will you face the challenge of the even-faster need to ramp back up?
• Even in times of calm and certainty, were you looking for your own personal growth and professional development in the HR space?
• Do you wish you had a HR mentor, coach and advisor on speed-dial?

• Imagine joining a small, focused group of smart HR leaders facing similar challenges, working together on making the best of our rapidly evolving workplace while having your own on-call HR Expert / Coach. That’s the HR Inner Circle!
• A curated group of up to 12 HR Professionals will meet (virtually) for 12 weeks including group and 1 v 1 coaching to prepare you for what’s next and launch your long-term professional development.
• Leigh facilitates the sessions and shares best practices including HR templates, guides and lessons learned from the trenches. She will be your personal champion as you create what’s next for the people you serve.

What You will Get

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HR Inner Circle


​​(2) Monthly 1 v 1 coaching sessions where we can work thru your specific goals and challenges while gaining a deeper  understanding of yourself as a HR Leader.


You will get timely guidance, advice and expertise from a recognized HR Expert, and as a cohort we will share our ideas, expertise and experience


From how-tos, forms and policy guides to 10 free Personality Assessments,
you will have access to informative resources from ADA to working with Gen Z.