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Trust, motivation and flexibility are keys to remote team management

Remote employee at computer

While Covid is behind us, remote work remains in front of us.

A recent article notes that it "offers many benefits to employers and employees, but it also brings its own challenges." The article also provides tips to help you navigate the opportunities with MPO.

Here are some tips to help you better manage your remote team.

First is trust, which is built upon open communication. However, good managers know they must "adapt which means of communication is best for each employee."

Second, motivation can be improved by "recognizing your staff for their work will show them that they are important to the company and that they are recognized."

And, third, flexibility. For this,"it’s importantr to evaluate your team’s performance based on results, not hours worked. The success of your business depends on satisfying your customers, meeting deadlines and generating revenue. Screen time is not necessarily a measure of success."

For additional information on trust, motivation and flexibility for managing a remote workforce, read the full article: The keys to remote management: trust, motivation and flexibility

HR.Coach can help you implement MPO for remote team management

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