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MPO Helps Company Improve Relationships, Productivity

Shot of computer screen illustrates how MPO helps companies improve relationships, productivity

In a recent article, Berg Drywall's president discussed the positive effects MPO had on his company. In it, he wrote:

We also have used the MPO tool to improve all relationships and productivity in the office. Our entire office staff completed the MPO assessment, and we used the results in a great team-building session. We spent several hours discussing each person’s results and comparing them to their job function within the organization. We then used the information to understand each other better and to create awareness on how to work more efficiently as a group.

HR.Coach can help you implement MPO to improve relationships, productivity

Are you ready to see how MPO can help you improve your hiring or employee engagement? Or need to train your managers and teams? HR.Coach is ready to help; contact us.

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