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Psychometrics Help HR Leaders With Retention and Recruitment

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While psychometrics, or measuring the human psyche, dates as far back as 1886, there are key elements human resource leaders can use today to help with recruitment and retention.


According to a recent article, Psychometric Instruments: The Hidden Perks From Recruiting to Retention, tools such as MPO, that measure psychometrics give us more reliable and valid information on a candidate, for example, which helps recruiters make better decisions that aren't based solely on personal perceptions.

Additionally, when onboarding a new employee, psychometric data helps managers understand their own communication style as well as that of the employee. This improves communication and provides a clearer picture of each person's talents.

Finally, for retention, in some companies, it may boil down to having a proper competency inventory to better understand the skills you have and whether you have the right people in the right job. If you don't it's likely you'll see high turnover.

Want to Know More about MPO for Recruitment and Retention

Reliable, scientifically validated psychometric assessment can give you a wealth of information to build your business and ensure you recruit and retain the right employees. To learn more, contact HR.Coach.

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